Our vision

There are several pillars that characterized our community. Each one of them is developing. We are:

  1. A house of prayer where everyone, from every background, people and nation, can gather to praise, to worship and pray God.
  1. A place for listening and advising families,in order to help everyone who is in need to raise and thrive in his personal, family and social life.
  1. A place of teaching and sharing of christian values for adults, youth and kids, so that each individual, couple, family may be encouraged and get an impact on today’society.
  1. A place of meeting and multicultural interaction where people from every nation, people and of all generation may gather to share, to do things together and to develop enriching relationships.
  1. A social centerfor sustaning the underprivileged or needy members of our comunity and providing homeworks’help to children and youth.


Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of them. Pslams 84:5